The Komedians are a nationwide network of standup comedy groups.

About US:


The Komedians are a nationwide network of standup comedy groups, including Kalkutta Komedians, Ahmedabad Komedians, Bangalore Komedians, Bhubaneswar Komedians, Asansol Komedians, Chandigarh Komedians, Hyderabad Komedians, Jaipur Komedians, Jamshedpur Komedians, Kashi Komedians, Kochin Komedians, Kuttack Komedians, Midnapore Komedians, Nagpur Komedians, Patna Komedians, Pondicherry Komedians, Pune Komedians, Raipur Komedians, Ranchi Komedians, Sambalpur Komedians, and Vizag Komedians (with many more to come). They have done numerous club and auditorium shows, as well as private and corporate shows; and also shows with India's top comedians as well as international comedians like leading British comic Andy Zaltzman and established Indian-American comic Raj Sharma.

Our Headlines

“The auditorium resounded with laughter” – Times of India
“Komedians left the crowd in splits with their jokes” – The Telegraph
“A new wave of entertainment” – The Hindu
“Rib-tickling standup comedy” – The Pioneer
“Kept the audience glued to their seats” – Hindustan Times
“We put Fevicol on the seats” – The Komedians